Thursday, January 5, 2012

Unversed Kenangan Terindah

Its 5 o'clock in the morning,
Conversation got boring
After u've been sleeping,
I watch your back n hugging

Let you lend in my shoulder,
Afta whole night we've laughter
Now it so quite,wait for quaker
Oh baby, ur sleeping face is so blurr


But I luv it

I woke n just wait there, loving ~
put some pillow pretend I was sleeping
Take makeup n conteng ur face, Smiling ~
makeup ur face like orang tua nagging

It's 1st tyme I make copy n pasta
for my gugurl senorita
what flava pon I tak rasa
It was awkward, when I jd Mr Mama

Selamat pagi cik bunga
baby face, comot-comot saja
Today is ur birthday lah
I tau u ingat I da lupa..

*dedicated to cik bunga -30/7
*credit to who'd have known

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