Saturday, December 10, 2011

~Give a cheer,for all the broken~

On this page ,I wrote down all my hopes
You and I ,tied by my simple notes
Would these words last?
They were so long ago, who could know?

Try to turn, back to our yesterday
Try to turn back, but I can't erase
Only thing ,left, is start a brand new page
Brand new day

I care your hips like there  never was a problem
I have these doubts and I wonder if you thought them,
but I'm
Pushing them to the back of my mind

The story we wrote ,
The tale that we told ,
It's true in my heart, I know that we are
Meant to have this love as ours

I know that it's fate, This story we made
No matter what it contains, happy endings will never change

Sometimes I write and it's like life has changed before my eyes
Other times I  choke up, don't know what I'm doing
When nothing feels right (and I let out a sigh)
So I pause, but I care too much to give up

I come to you with feelings building on the inside
You don't know why I'm always like this but I tell you it's fine
But the truth is in the words I write

In this book, there will never be an end
If I run out, I will just start again
Promise you it's a happy story with no pretend
*i'll face it even its a curse~

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