Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Peace Deactivated


Somewhere in KL,
not at the 1st avenue,
Bintang walk 
or Pavillion..,
but at the pavement grey

we were also just grey ,sang our national song together,by ourselves..,
no discrimination of our colours ..,

mason said citizen was cheated by oppositions who seek for truth and freedom...
yes,we are the citizen..,
dog of our high rank leaders
which they have thousand smile seems pretty far and clapped hand on the 5 star hotel..,

 people felt unfair and yelled for justice...
the gang of full armoured,with a safety gas mask,full licensed gangster..
were send and arrested them..
people died.,baby cried..we asked to call for medic.,but they just stand and stare..,
media"s save them.,police just damned..
people crying,helping, saving for the old man,
police standing, ambulance come..
peacewalker been arrested ,beaten up even we were not fight..,

the role of goverment has changed ,
the responsibility of police turn damned,
the hidden agenda of opposition just shut their eyes .
.they  hide behind their vendetta looks...
the game still on.       

this is not from an anti government pills,
or hatred drugs of political awakening,
or fucking dog opposition,
 but this voices come from the heartless..
which just a man , not a hero