Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seconds in MASYAR (chapter 2)

Wipe away those tears of blood,
u dont know a thing bout my sins;
how the misery begins,
u dont know...so i'm burning.,
u're just a sad story,
with nothing to say..
about a life long wait for a hospital stay..

so go.,go away.,just go..,run away.,but,
where did u run to??
and where did u hide??
go find another way,price ur pay..

make you choice,
they say we've been pleading.,
someone save us...
and will you pray for me??
and will you lay for me??
Heaven help us now..


  1. poem or song? or yours?^^
    da follow :)

  2. learn a puitism words from d song,turn into a poem (^~^)..,thnx ya..,follow u back :)