Friday, January 14, 2011

Isz Marina

mystery of twinkle stars.,deep darkness in the sky..,a supernatural moonlight.,so full shining bright..,a pair of eyes a closin' one..a romeo of lonelyness..
a pinkish roses we love to kiss..,they're giving birth to love..,no riffs and no reservation
may i suggest u get the best.,for nothing less then u and i..,lets take a chance of this romance.,
rising over before we lose the lighting.,oh Isz..,Isz please..,Isz u beautiful Marina..,
u r an illuminating anchor,of leagues to infinite number.,crashing waves and breaking thunder,
you're dancing naked there for me.,u exposed all cherish memory.,u make the most of sweetest boundry...
u r d god of royalty imposing love.,u r the queen n king combining evrything.,intertwining like a ring around the finger of a gurl.., i am just an artist..,you're the world..,all i can bring ya .,is the language n picture of a lover..,Isz Marina.,my beautiful.,beautiful you swoon me like no other..,
n i wonder if i ever cross ur mind..,

<3 Dedicated to my x gf (T-T)

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