Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rainie Love

The weather outside,as variant as your facial expression,
Its raining,the rain cries along with me,I cant see u clearly,
Nor do I want to,leaving u,I quietly draw away,
Unable to bear the unveiling plot,
My tears fall in my heart,learning to surrender
Listening to the rain,each drops so distincly clear,

Ur breath is like raindrops,entering my love.,
Hoping that the rain will never stops,to have this yearning continue,
To turn love transparent,falling in love gave me the courage of rainie love,
Raindrop outside the window,accumulate by drops,
The moisture indoors,stored like the memories of love u,
Hoping that the rain will never stop,
The secret to the love of rain can carry on,
I believe I will see the beauty of the rainbow..

Friday, January 14, 2011

Isz Marina

mystery of twinkle stars.,deep darkness in the sky..,a supernatural moonlight.,so full shining bright..,a pair of eyes a closin' one..a romeo of lonelyness..
a pinkish roses we love to kiss..,they're giving birth to love..,no riffs and no reservation
may i suggest u get the best.,for nothing less then u and i..,lets take a chance of this romance.,
rising over before we lose the lighting.,oh Isz..,Isz please..,Isz u beautiful Marina..,
u r an illuminating anchor,of leagues to infinite number.,crashing waves and breaking thunder,
you're dancing naked there for me.,u exposed all cherish memory.,u make the most of sweetest boundry...
u r d god of royalty imposing love.,u r the queen n king combining evrything.,intertwining like a ring around the finger of a gurl.., i am just an artist..,you're the world..,all i can bring ya .,is the language n picture of a lover..,Isz Marina.,my beautiful.,beautiful you swoon me like no other..,
n i wonder if i ever cross ur mind..,

<3 Dedicated to my x gf (T-T)

my "apple"logy..

It's raining outside ..I'm crying inside ..5 a.m in the dark
You like a cold fish with me..You're sleeping I'm thinking..
You're turning your back to me
Here in my bed you're mad away from me ..
Here in my head you're never close to me

It's raining outside..I'm crying out loud
I run away by foot ..Lost in the empty street..You are supposed to follow me
But you are too proud too do it
Come on... don't be mad I told you I need you,
don't be sad I'm still in love with you
It's raining outside..may I come inside?
It's my fault, I'm sorry
Let me happy this fight..I apologize, would you hug me tonight?